Flower tattoos

What In Carnation Are Flower Tattoos?

Have you asked yourself what Flower tattoos are? And, are flower tattoos just for women (spoiler—absolutely not, Flower tattoos are for men too).

At Hart & Huntington Nashville, we find flower tattoos irresistible, and we’re going to tell you why. 

Some of the very first Tribal tattoos were of fauna and flora. They were used to establish a sense of identity among the tribes. Not only were these tattoos aesthetically pleasing, but they had significant meaning. See, we told you Flower tattoos are for men too. What’s more masculine than a Tribal tattoo?

If you want a versatile, timeless, and meaningful tattoo, speak to one of our talented Hart & Huntington Nashville tattoo artists about Flower tattoos. Whether you want a Flower tattoo representing your birth month, your nationality, or your favorite city (such as an Iris Flower tattoo—hey, Nashvillians, we’re talking to you), there are so many options. 

Here’s a look at some of the most popular Flower tattoos and their meanings.

Iris Tattoo
Gotta start here with the Tennessee state flower that signifies faith, courage, and wisdom.

Rose Tattoos
Rose tattoos represent passion, love, friendship, or sympathy. 

Black Rose Tattoos 
A dramatic color for a flower, Black Rose tattoos convey death, heartbreak, or regret.

Lotus Flower Tattoo
Each color of the Lotus Flower tattoo has a different meaning:

  • Blue Lotus—mind over matter
  • Pink Lotus (also known as Buddha’s Lotus)—a symbol of Buddhism
  • White Lotus—knowledge and spiritual enlightenment

Once you’ve decided on a flower, the next step is choosing the style for your tattoo. 

Some of the best tattoo styles for Flower tattoos include:

Realism Flower Tattoos
Larger Black and Gray Realism Flower tattoos look great on sleeves or as a more prominent design. For a more subtle look, opt for Micro Realism Flower tattoos. This hot trend is great for those who like delicate and dainty tattoos.

American Traditional Flower Tattoo 
The bold colors and distinct lines of American Traditional Flower tattoos are a natural fit for Flower tattoos as they come alive with vivid contrast. 

Line Work Flower Tattoos
Typically designed with extremely fine lines in one color, Line Work Flower tattoos are very minimalistic. Created to look like a drawing, these tattoos do not have shading or color packing.

There are so many options when it comes to Flower tattoos. Now that you have a general idea of what they are, send us a booking request or stop into Hart & Huntington Nashville for a consultation with one of our renowned tattoo artists to help you select the perfect one.

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Like Flower tattoos?

Discover how we help our clients get their own Flower tattoo.

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