Do it

The Tattoo Guide

Do it

It’s go time. You’re ready to rock if:

  • You’ve got a design in mind or have something inspirational to show us
  • You’ve had your consultation with one of our artists and paid your $150 deposit
  • You can show us a government-issued ID proving you’re 18 or older
  • You don’t have any sunburn, scars or open wounds where you want to be inked
  • You’ve had something to eat before you get here
  • You haven’t had any alcohol or blood thinners in the past 24 hours or so

Good to go? Great. We’ll get started by drawing your tattoo and making sure it’s placed exactly where you want it. When you’re happy, we’ll get started, talking to you throughout the entire process to make sure you’re ok along the way. (Unless you prefer quiet time. That’s cool too.) When you’re done, we’ll provide you with aftercare instructions so you can heal nicely once you leave us. You’re part of the H&H family now.

Once we get you comfortable, we’ll get to work.

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