Life is what you make of it.

Yasir has been running the show at H&H in Nashville, Tennessee for roughly two years now, but it already feels like he’s been there for decades. His impact is profound—and intentionally so.

He found his calling in the motorcycle industry working for Harley Davidson when he met Chris Turck, owner of the H&H shop in Orlando. They connected instantly over their passion for riding, but also their shared mentality on how to run a business.

All my life, I’ve taken different opportunities and worked to maximize them into something I’m proud of.

That started with Harley—I believed in their product and the culture behind it.  I took a small location and helped it shine nationwide. Then Chris approached me, and I saw that same opportunity with H&H.

A couple years later, Chris hired Yasir as a consultant for the H&H Orlando shop. And by the time the Nashville shop opened, Yasir was brought onboard to build the business.

This was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. I could come into this growing business and help it flourish, elevate the tattoo experience to a new level and create a platform for artists.

Unlike other GMs, Yasir brought something special to the table—his combined business acumen and love of the arts. He has a masters degree in Contemporary Fine Arts, and paints in his spare time.

I saw this as a chance to raise the bar for the entire tattoo industry, to change people’s views about tattoos—especially artists.

I wanted to give them a place where they can do their life’s work—and then retire. H&H is a place with potential for longevity in a business previously seen at the street level.

Yasir has worked hard to redefine what the tattoo industry stands for. That includes creating a space at the H&H Nashville shop where artists feel at home and inspired, and customers relaxed and welcome.

What I love about H&H is that people come into our shops and feel 100% comfortable. We’ve worked to make it a more family-friendly, professional environment where you know everyone in your party is going to be looked after, whether they’re getting tattooed or not.

One of Yasir’s favorite customer interactions was when two ladies came into the shop who grew up together and now had children the same age. They wanted tattoos to commemorate their friendship but had brought their kids along with them for their consultations.

They knew this wasn’t a seedy tattoo parlor from days past. They went back for their custom consultations while our staff watched their daughters in the waiting area. We brought them crayons and coloring books and took care of them while their moms were getting inked. It was awesome.

Yasir makes it his goal to ensure each and every customer leaves with a tattoo they’re proud of. And that often means educating people on the culture and process of tattoo artistry from start to finish. But he’s not one for cutting corners.

One of the biggest downfalls of the tattoo industry is running as a business without a personal touch.

It’s my job to make sure we’re hiring experts and being completely transparent about the tattoo process from the moment our customers step through our door.

That’s what keeps Yasir motivated—the chance to influence the tattoo industry for the better.

I’m honored to be in the position where I can help people grow. I make it my goal to leave my crew stronger and more confident than when we first met. When we part ways, I want them to be more professional, savvy, and ready for a new challenge. Experts at what they do. That’s what drives me.

Yasir got his first tattoo sometime after graduating from high school, but never dreamt he’d have a career in the field. Now he’s got full sleeves representing his heritage and is changing people’s perspectives on what it means to get inked.

We’ve had a 70-year-old woman come into our shop for her first tattoo. She’s from a generation that grew up with a negative perception of tattoos, and yet she felt inclined to pay us a visit. It’s amazing. Another time we had a father and his two sons come in for matching tattoos. It was a meaningful moment that I’m so grateful to have been a part of. That’s what this—what H&H—is all about.

Yasir’s background in fine arts means he also has a deep-seated appreciation for the ink itself, no matter the style, from the intricate line work of American Traditional to the hyper-realistic methods taking flight across Europe. He’s currently working on a black-and-grey mixed media series depicting his vision of humanity. His work has been showcased at museums, galleries, private collections, and art catalogs. He's also curated collections for art groups.

I’ve been in art all my life, so you learn to appreciate it all. A lot of people come into the H&H shop and don’t realize that they’re purchasing something substantive. Their tattoo is a work of art. It takes talented people to sketch designs and translate them onto your body. It’s up to us to help them understand that.

It’s Yasir’s biggest challenge yet. And it’s a blank canvas we can’t wait to see him throw paint on.